Get Cookin’ With Co-ops!

Celebrate Co-ops in October with our Co-op Month Recipe Guide 2022 featuring mouth-watering recipes from across the nation. We ❤️ co-ops!

Why not try all 13? Stuffed Acorn Squash by Belfast Co-op, Sparkling Autumn Punch by Ozark Natural Foods, Alaskan Salmon with Blueberry Sauce from Co-op Market & Deli, Pierogi from East End Co-op, Sage Apple Compote from Ashland Food Co-op, Sticky Tofu from Friendly City Co-op, Tarragon Tea Cake from Greentree Co-op, Mama’s Veggie Chili from Outpost Co-op, Our Deli’s Smoked Fish Dip by Chequamegon Co-op, Merc Made Pumpkin Bread from The Merc Co-op, Kale Quinoa Salad from Sugar Beet Co-op, Smoked Salmon with Blackberry and Cucumber from First Alternative, and a Savory Greens Tart from BriarPatch Food Co-op. These recipes and more can be found on our website in our Recipe section. Enjoy!