What’s in Season?


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At BriarPatch Food Co-op, supporting organic local and regional farms is at the heart of what we do. We are a community-owned cooperative and understand the importance of direct farmer relationships to build a resilient food system. At the Patch, you’ll find a colorful array and diverse selection of beautiful, fresh and delicious fruits and veggies all year long. We take great pride in knowing our farmers by name. How do we define what is local?


Sometimes pointy, or round ends, sometimes eaten raw or eaten sautéed, called rocket or called rucola. This peppery member of the cabbage and mustard family is a world-wide fan fave.


Though a member of the beet family, it’s a bit like spinach in its bitterness quotient but comes with ribs of many colors. Pro tip: Prepare the stems as you would asparagus.


If cilantro tastes like soap, then you have likely inherited the OR6A2 receptor gene which can detect aldehydes, found in the green and also a by-product of soap. Read on, friends. Otherwise, lavish it on a range of cuisines, like Mexican, Indian or Eastern European.


The “colewort” has deep roots in our socio-cultural history—check it out. Boiling it with bacon is traditional and delicious; however, consider trying a fresh pesto using young leaves.

Dino Kale

Grown in Tuscany for centuries and also known as Lacinto kale, this hearty, earthy leaf stands up to bean, veggie and sausage soups and stews beautifully. You’ll still get some bite, even after a long simmer.

Little Gems

Small and elegant, if Romaine and Butter lettuce had a baby, this would be it: crispy texture, yet a sweet taste. Perfect in sammies, salads or as a dipping vehicle with your favorite yogurt-based dip.

Oakleaf Lettuce

A mild, sweet and nutty type of butter lettuce. Best used in fresh applications like vessels for summer rolls, tacos
or as a bed for grilled fish or stir-fries. Pairs well with bacon, turmeric
and citrus.

Red Butter Lettuce

One of the varieties that can be harvested multiple times from a single plant. A little sweet. Pair it with a light, lemony vinaigrette or go a little edgier and give it a braise with shallot and olive oil.

Redbor Kale

Vibrant purple and magenta, this kale is king, growing upright and frilly unlike its more casual cousins. Raw, it will retain its color and makes a lovely slaw. Baked as a chip with a light tinge of nutmeg and salt, it shines.

Local = Watershed

Our definition of local Flows as we grow

We’ve recently redefined what local means to us. For many years, we’ve defined local relative to our flagship store in Grass Valley. As we grow, our definition expands, too.