We Want You!

The Board of Directors serves a critical role in overseeing and guiding our Co-op. Directors attend board meetings and the meetings of at least one committee. Three positions on the Board, each for three-year terms, become available at every annual election. Elections are held each year in May. We are accepting applications now through January 31, 2023.

If you are interested in becoming a candidate in the upcoming election, we strongly recommend that you attend at least one board meeting (last Tuesday of each month) prior to the election.

Apply to Be a Board Nominee

STEP 1. Read the handbook

If you’re interested in becoming a candidate for our next election, download and read our handbook. It’ll give you all the information needed to understand what’s required of applicants and our full elections process. Then, request a full application using the form in Step 2.

STEP 2. Request an Application
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After you request the application to be a 2023 Board of Directors Nominee, you’ll receive the full length application which requires things like long-form answers to why you’d be great as a Board Director at The Patch, a photo of your lovely self, among other things like your signature. We’re kind of official about stuff like this!

About the BoD

The BriarPatch Board of Directors’ purpose is to work together to create the long-term vision for our Co-op. They ensure that the Co-op remains financially healthy, provides a great workplace for our staff, and that we remain committed to being a model of a successful and equitable business that gives back to our community. The Board is an integral part of the spirit of BriarPatch.

The nine member Board represents and serves BriarPatch owners through annual elections. Directors serve three-year terms. They attend one board meeting per month.

What does a board meeting look like?

We follow board procedures in meetings and practice Policy Governance, which basically means that the General Manager oversees the store and staff, and the Board, while not involved in store operations, oversees the General Manager. We recognize that these systems may be unfamiliar to many people who haven’t served on boards before, and we provide new board members with high quality training.

What else do we do?

Together, we learn about the grocery industry and other important issues that affect our Co-op and often have lively conversations on these topics. We discuss owners’ needs, but also future owners’ needs – much of what drives our work centers around the big question: how can BriarPatch continue to serve our community as our community continues to expand? And we enjoy dinner, fellowship, friendship and an annual retreat, too!

What qualities should a board member have?

We are interested in bringing diverse voices and experiences to our Board so that it truly represents the Co-op ownership, present and future. We hope you’ll consider joining us.