We are Community Strong

Giving back feels good! That’s why, on behalf of our owners, we give hundreds of thousands in monetary, food and gift card donations each year and we want you to feel the love, too. Choose your own adventure below and reap the rewards of paying it forward or getting by with a little help from your friends.

The BriarPatch Difference

Cooperative Community Fund

Cooperative Community Fund.

The Cooperative Community Fund (CCF) is an endowment fund founded by BriarPatch Food Co-op in conjunction with the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation. Each year we have a limited number of grants available to give to organizations who are making a meaningful difference within our community. 

BriarPatch PatchWorks Volunteer Team

PatchWorks Program.

Want to make a difference in your community and get an awesome discount at your co-op, too? Become a volunteer! PatchWorks serves to create positive, meaningful and lasting impact in our community through participation and cooperation .

Apples for Gardens.

We donate 10 cents for every pound of apples sold. Every month, a different school or nonprofit-run community garden is featured, and the money raised goes directly to help cover the costs of its garden educators and infrastructure. Want to grow your community garden? Apply Now.


BriarPatch cultivates relationships with many of the community nonprofits making a difference and builds sponsorships into the next calendar year’s annual budget. We love working with you and building a better world together!

Round Up At The Register.

Each month we donate the generous pool of funds that shoppers round up to a deserving nonprofit organization. Together, in small ways, we can make a real contribution to our community. Applications for 2025 are open until Aug. 30th.

Tabling for Nonprofits.

Non-profit groups and schools are welcome to apply to have a table out in front of our Grass Valley store to help serve our owners and customers.

Patch Donations Give Back!

We’re committed to supporting a better world. We do this by giving back to the nonprofit groups and organizations who are doing good work locally and beyond.

All donation requests are competitive and given a careful and equitable review. To be considered, submit a formal application at least 30 days in advance of the time when your request is needed. BriarPatch considers donations for general core operating support and more specific project and event support. Submit only one donation request per organization per calendar year.

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Community Room Rental.

Our stores’ Community Rooms are available by reservation for meetings, classes, or other events as a community service for community groups.