A Healthy Democracy.

The Board of Directors serves a critical role in overseeing and guiding our Co-op. Directors attend board meetings and the meetings of at least one committee. Three positions on the Board, each for three-year terms, become available at every annual election. See our candidates for our 2024 election.

Meet the Board.

See who represents thousands of owner-members and defines the strategic vision for BriarPatch Food Co-op.


BriarPatch Co-op exists so that owners, customers, and other members of our community have:


A successful and vibrant cooperatively-owned business that acts as a leader among local businesses and food co-ops nationally, and contributes to environmental stewardship through its business practices.


A community center where people experience a sense of connected-ness, ownership and fellowship.

Love Local

A stronger local food system.
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Good Work

A major employer that provides a healthy, equitable and considerate workplace for employees.

Access to education about food and consumer issues that encourages customers to make healthier food choices.

What are “Ends”?

Ends are statements that describe the purpose of our organization and why we exist. Ends define the results of our work, who benefits from it and what the value is for them.

Board Meetings

Last Tuesday of each month, 5:30 p.m. The upcoming meeting agenda and location is posted on the store bulletin board at least one week prior to the meeting. For more information, contact the Administrative Assistant at 272-5333 ext. 102.

Meeting Minutes

Contacting the Board.

To send a message to all the Directors, address an email
to: directors@board.briarpatch.coop.

Individual Directors’ email addresses are: their first name and
last name initial, followed by “@board.briarpatch.coop”
(example: rachelb@board.briarpatch.coop).

Paper letters left at the Customer Service Desk are
picked up periodically.

2023 Board Documents
BriarPatch Cooperative Bylaws
BriarPatch Board Procedures Manual
BriarPatch Board Policy Register

BriarPatch 2022 Annual Report