It’s time to
love local.

A Neighborly Kind of Grocery Store

Welcome to The Patch.

What’s the Dill?

Find great deals on your favorite foods & products! We source local, organic and sustainable goods whenever possible, so you get groceries that are truly good!

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Who We Are

We are everyone’s whole food and wholesome goods grocery store, collectively owned by the folks who shop here – like YOU! When you shop with us, it’s all for good and good for all.

Our Story >

Grow with Us

A fresh career starts here. We foster a fair, considerate and generous workplace culture. Which department is calling your name?


Vehicle for Change

Since 1976 we’ve been building a sustainable & equitable food system that supports healthy people, animals and the environment. When you spend your dollars at The Patch, you contribute to a thriving local economy and a kinder, more resilient world.

White plate full of Tibetan Momo dumplings, circling little dishes of dipping sauces.

Hey, Dumplin’!

Celebrate the lunar new year with a Tibetan morsel that’s sure to enhance your joy and wellbeing for at least the moment, if not for the year ahead.

Organic & Delicious.

We support Fair Trade and Certified Organic producers and work closely with local farmers to plan crop production and to help ensure their financial stability. We’re building a delicious food movement, one bite at a time!

Join for the Perks,
Stay for the Purpose.

Owner and Volunteer Discounts, Voting Rights, e-Receipts and Patronage Dividends – what’s not to like? Plus, our owners get that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from belonging to a business that does good things.

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Super Tuber Farm

“BriarPatch is proud to carry delicious produce from Super Tuber Farm. Throughout the year look for potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and beets. Did you know, Super Tuber cabbage is an important ingredient to make Local Culture’s kraut?”