Mountain Bounty Farm

Founded in 1997 by John Tecklin, Mountain Bounty Farm is a 50-acre organic family farm located high on the forested contours of the San Juan Ridge near Nevada City, California. Today the oldest and largest CSA farm in the Sierras is co-managed by Maia Lipkin, Jake Benedict, Cory Jones and Grace Debbeler.

We’ve been working with Mountain Bounty Farm for at least a decade and they never cease to amaze us with high quality produce that keeps customers coming back for more.

BriarPatch is proud to support this farm in many ways. In October 2020, Mountain Bounty Farm on Birchville Road, was officially bought through a partnership called Forever Farms with Bear Yuba Land Trust (BYLT), Sierra Harvest, BriarPatch Food Co-op and Tahoe Food Hub.

This time of year, look for Mountain Bounty Farm bunched beets, green cabbage, red chard, collard greens, Dino kale, cilantro, leeks and sweet Nantes carrots at the Co-op.

“Mountain Bounty Farm continues to excel in all aspects of their working relationship with us. They keep us updated well in advance of when their items will be starting, finishing or gapping in supply so that we can work efficiently with the changes. The quality of their produce is wonderful: beautiful crisp lettuce rich in nutrition, large broccoli crowns, full and round red beets with tender greens. Their produce hits the mark, looking and tasting like you want it to look and taste. They know what they’re doing and they are committed to sharing this expertise with our local community, by training new farmers and supplying us with fresh and nutritious produce,” said BriarPatch Produce Buyer Cia Harden.

We put together a good-sized Production Plan with Mountain Bounty Farm right from the start, confident in their ability to fulfill it..”

Cia Harden, BriarPatch Produce Buyer