Yogurt Pie with Pretzel Crust and Fresh Fruit 

Yogurt Pie with Pretzel Crust and Fresh Fruit. In pie tin on gray surface. Fresh berries and mint sprigs.

Here’s a recipe that highlights summer’s bounty of fresh fruit. It requires a minimum of oven time, you only need to bake the sweet and salty crust! Sub melted coconut oil for butter and use non-dairy yogurt to make this vegan. 


  • 8 oz whipped topping, such as So Delicious or TruWhip, thawed per instructions*** 
  • 18 oz lemon or vanilla yogurt 
  • Zest from 1 lemon 
  • 3 cups summer fruit – berries, peaches, nectarines 
  • Mint Sprigs, for serving 
  • Optional: Maple Sugar, for serving 
  • Pretzel Pie Crust (get recipe here


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together whipped topping, yogurt and zest. 
  2. Spoon into fully cooled pretzel crust and freeze for 1 hour until filling starts to harden. Remove pie from freezer and decorate with fruit. Return pie to freezer for 1-2 more hours. 
  3. Allow about 35 minutes for pie to warm up a little before serving. Top with mint sprigs and sprinkles of maple sugar (if using).  
  4. Cover/refrigerate any leftover pie or freeze for later. 
  5. ***Note: Thawing time for whipped topping in fridge is about 5 hours – overnight – or submerge tub in a bowl of cold water and let sit 30-40 minutes.