Stone’s Throw Farm

Stone's Throw Farm

Meet Steven and Bryanna Eisenhut of Stone’s Throw Farm, nestled in the outskirts of Colfax.

“We’ve seen so much beauty and community grow around and on this little farm. We aim to provide our community with the finest and freshest produce as directly as possible.”

Stone’s Throw has been in operation since 2016 and this is the second year they have received a BriarPatch guaranteed operating loan through FarmLink to cover cash flow needs from planting to harvest. 
“Farming is essential for a community. Ensuring that small-scale farms succeed with appropriate and strategic support is a benefit for everyone. These are chaotic times but the one thing I believe in is that our farm is growing stronger and better every year,” said Bryanna.

Farming is essential for a community.

Bryanna, Stone’s Throw farm