Apple ‘n’ Nutty Butter Smiles

Tasty, fun and easy to make…and a great gift for your dentist when you have your next appointment! 


  • 1 apple, your favorite kind 
  • Jar of peanut, almond or other yummy nut/seed butter 
  • Mini marshmallows, raisins and other things for “funny teeth” 
  • Small mint or parsley sprigs (got something green in your teeth!) 


  1. Core apple, using a corer. If you don’t have one, cut apple in half lengthwise, scoop/cut out seeds in center and remove other stem/etc bits with tiny cuts to keep the halves as whole as possible. Making all cuts lengthwise, cut each half into quarters, then each quarter in half and then those pieces in half again. 16 total pieces. See *note* below if you’re not going to eat the smiles right away and want to keep apples from browning. 
  2. Spread about 1 tsp nut butter onto each apple slice. Put one row of mini marshmallows and other “teeth” across one apple slice. If you’re putting any herb springs in there, this is the time! Sandwich another slice together with that one, pressing firmly until they stick. Take some fun selfies with your new choppers and then eat ’em up! 
  3. Note: ** Making these ahead of time? Keep apple slices from browning by soaking for 10 minutes in a combo of 1 tsp salt in 2 cups water. Rinse and pat dry, and then store your smiles in airtight packaging until ready to serve.