Eating for Health: A Nutrition Series

Join certified nutritionist Jacqui Meehan who will dive deep into four topics of whole food nutrition. Each session will include an intentional food pairing for you to enjoy. BriarPatch owners will receive a $5 gift card to inspire you to shop for your health and fill your basket. These events are free and open to all! Please register below.

Contact Details

BriarPatch Owners will receive a $5 gift card at the end of the session.

Session Information and Location

Sessions will take place Wednesdays in June from 5-6pm in the BriarPatch Auburn Community Room- 2505 Bell Road, Auburn.

Foundations of Nutrition:

We’ll kick off the series with a general overview of how “Eating for Health” is not a diet, but a lifestyle focused on eating local, organic, seasonal, and unprocessed foods whenever possible.

Protein and Fats:

In this class, we’ll identify good sources of protein and fat, and why they’re important to incorporate into your food. We’ll also learn what fats are poorer choices.


Taking a deep dive into the topic of macronutrients, in this class we’ll explore how carbohydrates are one of the primary fuels for our bodies.

Allergy Free Eating:

In this final session, we’ll focus on common food triggers for allergies and what symptoms might be caused by these allergies. You’ll also come away with options for a hypoallergenic diet.

Please register separately for each session you’d like to attend.