Easy Boozy Cocktail Cherries   

Don’t spend a small fortune on fancy cocktail cherries when you can make your own. These don’t require a lot of work (other than the pitting, of course). Use a sweet cherry to get the maximum flavor punch.  

Use the best bourbon you enjoy drinking and can afford for this project. The flavor shines through. We like Bulleit or Maker’s Mark.  

These store in the fridge for up to a year – so get canning now and then give them out as holiday gifts later. Done and done! Cheers! 

Makes two quart-size jars.



  • 2 pounds cherries, pitted  
  • 1 750ml bottle of bourbon 
  • 1 cup light brown sugar, lightly packed 
  • Pinch salt 


  1. In a medium saucepan, bring bourbon, brown sugar and salt to a simmer over low heat until sugar dissolves.
  2. Let sit until it cools.
  3. Pack cherries into 2 quart-size jars, careful not to smash them.
  4. Pour syrup over them until covered. Place lids on and store cherries in the fridge.
  5. Allow to sit for one week before enjoying.