Help for Ukraine

We support Ukraine

BriarPatch stands with the people of Ukraine

and democracies everywhere.

Ways you can help.

Around the world cooperatives, like BriarPatch, operate according to the same set of seven core principles, adopted by the International Cooperative Alliance. Just like co-ops, we believe all people deserve the right to represent themselves democratically (Principle 2) and govern on their own terms, free from tyranny or control from others (Principle 4).

BriarPatch recently donated $300 to #ChefsForUkraine a division of World Central Kitchen working at a 24-hour border crossing in Southern Poland serving hot, nourishing meals to Ukrainian refugees. World Central Kitchen was started by José Andrés.
You can donate, too. 

Razom is providing critical medical supplies and amplifying the voices of Ukrainians.

Sunflower of Peace Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to helping Ukrainians affected by the Russian military invasion.

Nova Ukraine is a nonprofit organization providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.